Contact Permission Form

We count it a privilege that you would send your son or daughter to spend a week with us at camp this summer. One Hope Canada camps all across the country have amazing missionary teams, and our missionaries love to build on the friendships begun at camp, many liking to stay connected with their campers throughout the year. Our missionaries would be honoured to be able to continue to stay involved in your child or youth’s life as mentors after camp. However, we ask our missionaries not to be in contact with a child unless written permission is granted by their caregiver, and inform them of their personal responsibility to maintain communication with the caregiver as to when and how contacting their child would be best.

At the link below, you`ll find our “Contact Permission Form”, which you as a caregiver can utilize to grant permission to our camp missionaries to continue in contact with your child after camp (if you so choose). The form can be either brought to camp with your child or mailed in to your child’s camp office. Thank-you for allowing us at One Hope Canada the opportunity to invest in your child!