About Us

What is One Hope Canada?

One Hope Canada was founded in 1927 (then as CSSM Ministries), and our founders’ passion for reaching children with the message of Jesus resulted in exponential growth. Besides active pioneering in church planting and Bible clubs, One Hope Canada quickly became a forerunner in the Christian camping world. Over the past eighty-five years, One Hope Canada has expanded from just one temporary camp location just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, to over 40 different camps across Canada. Each of our One Hope Canada camps operates with their own unique flavour, culture, and activities, but all exist to provide children with a safe, fun, and engaging atmosphere where they can experience the love of God. Our churches, Day Camps, First Nations outreaches, community children & youth mentors, and special needs ministries are also a part of our Canada-wide One Hope Canada network, creating opportunities for children, youth, and families to discover more about themselves, encounter God, and celebrate what it means to know Jesus. Find out more about One Hope Canada or check out one of our ministry points under the “Find Us” menu at www.onehopecanada.ca.